roman games
The Roman Empire was well-known for its ambitious sense of power, its iconic art and all the new technology they developed, but also they are remember for their numerous forms of entertainment that still prevail these days. Whether wealthy or poor, they all enjoyed their free time with moment of leisure.  The famous phrase “give...
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colosseum facts
What often comes to mind when thinking about the Colosseum is most likely to be its famous gladiator fights. But beyond all that, the Flavian Amphitheatre also held all sort of numerous show and celebrations. Taking this name after the Flavian Dynasty who built it in the 70 A.D, that later would be known as...
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palatine hill
The Palatine Hill is one of the oldest archaeological sites of the eternal city, and one of the famous seven hills of Rome. According to legend, on the 21st of April in 753 B.C, Romulus founded Rome on the Palatine hill. According to tradition, the twins Romulus and Remus were found by a she-wolf called...
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roman forum
One of the most iconic places of the city that would transport you directly to the ancient times of the Roman Empire and many other historical events that took place in the Metropolis is, without a shadow of a doubt, THE ROMAN FORUM. Hence, the centre of Rome has been declared UNESCO “World heritage” in...
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visiting the colosseum
When on holidays it is very usual to go through some annoying situations, one of them can be the huge number of tourists crowding the main important places of Rome. Traveling to Rome must be carefully planned. Visiting the Colosseum and other characteristic such as the Pantheon and the Vatican can be as exhausting as...
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You ready? Rome, here we go!  Rome is a place that would never stop surprising you; where art, history and all its architectural testimonies from all sort of times and eras still prevail. Getting to know the history of one and each of its many secrets would be practically impossible so, in order to facilitate...
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